Self-Pollinating Fruit Trees For Home


Varieties of oranges good for indoors include dwarf Valencias and Mandarins. Other citrus plants to choose from include Meyer lemons, Kaffir limes, redblush grapefruit and dwarf Bearrs limes.

Dwarf Peaches

Honey Babe and Pix-Zee are genetic dwarf peaches ideal for indoors.

Best Indoor Fruit Trees


All varieties fruit more heavily if their roots are confined to a large pot, but Negro Largo does particularly well as a houseplant.


To ensure fruit, hand pollinate by transferring pollen from one flower to another with a paintbrush.

Raise The Humidity

Mist Plants
One of the simplest ways to bring at least a little humidity to the plant's surrounding environment is by misting its leaves with filtered or distilled water.
Huddle Your Plants
If you have enough plants in a corner of your house or room, that part of the room will often be a bit more humid, compliments of the plants.


Amelie Hilton

Indoor Plant Enthusiast

Whether it's a single pear tree or a line of fan-trained peaches, apricots, plums, and espaliered apple trees edging a terrace, dwarf fruit trees bring a structure and a delicious sense of maturity to a balcony or roof garden.

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